The Raspberry Pi is a microcomputer with a micro price, designed by the Raspberry Pi foundation in England. But don’t be fooled by it’s size, it packs a powerful punch.  This single board computer was originally intended to promote computing skills among school children, however it has now grown to become one of the most popular microcomputer products in the world.

The Pi is a true single-board computer that contains just about everything you were used to seeing in larger computers. It has a reasonably fast processor, an admirable amount of RAM memory, multiple USB ports, a micro-SD card reader, Ethernet, HDMI and audio outputs and a video camera connection. In addition it has a large Input/Output (I/O) connector that allows you to attach external devices and sensors to the unit.

Like its larger cousins the Raspberry Pi is capable of running several different operating systems. most of these OS is a linux-based but there is even a Microsoft Windows 10 version that can run on the Raspberry Pi. given the large number of applications already available for Linux you can see that the Raspberry Pi can be a powerful tool in a very small package.