Cloud computing offers a centralized IT infrastructure that can maintain better control, cut costs, but more importantly leverage platforms that are usually designed for enterprise environments. Maintaining servers in strictly controlled datacenters keeps data safe, while using limited desktops or thin clients to connect to applications running on hosted servers keeps maintenance and licensing costs down. 

We are able to help you implement cloud computing services designed to bring enterprise level services to small business. Without having to build your own datacenter, or purchase any server hardware at all for that matter, these cloud services provide your business with near 100% availability, secure redundant servers, desktops that are fully managed and backed up and most importantly a stable platform for you to run your business on. All without the heavy up front capital expenses.

Some cloud services offerings include:

  • Hosted email-Pop, Exchange
  • Sharepoint hosting
  • Website hosting
  • Hosted PBX/VoIP
  • Application hosting

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